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Improve your fashion design pricing, quality, production speed with a Fashion Tech Pack!

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What is a Fashion Tech Pack?

Start with the universal language in textile production.

A Fashion Tech Pack is a detailed document prepared by a clothing designer to clearly communicate the fashion design to the manufacturer. It contains all the components and production instructions a textile manufacturer needs to turn your fashion design into a finished garment. In a Fashion Tech Pack you will find information about materials, prints, all-over patterns, size charts, haberdashery, seams, colorways, dimensions, trim, labels, and so on.

Why use a Mode Tech Pack?

Make products better, faster and smarter by using a Mode Tech Pack.

Prevent misunderstandings and disappointments in the production of your clothing line. Our Fashion Tech Packs, based on 28 years of experience, ensure clear communication with your producer. We convert your ideas into technical drawings and specifications, understandable for every textile manufacturer.

Our advice: use a Mode Tech Pack. We translate your product idea into a detailed document with the correct technical drawings and specifications, so that the textile manufacturer understands you!

When do you need a Mode Tech Pack?

A Mode Tech Pack is indispensable, especially if you produce abroad. With our professionally designed Tech Pack you ensure clarity and efficiency in the production process.

Why choose TVH Design?

  • Experience : 28 years in Tech Pack making and quality control.
  • Customization : Adapted to your specific wishes and design requirements.
  • Clear Communication : Designed for factory personnel worldwide.
  • Efficiency : Save time and costs in the production process.
  • Quality guarantee : Prevent quality loss and production errors.

What do we need from you?

  • Rough sketches of the clothing design
  • Information about used, desired fabrics
  • Fabric samples or clothing samples
  • Prints or All-over designs
  • Haberdashery samples
  • Label design

TVH Design helps you with its experience to streamline the learning process regarding fashion design and textile production, so that you can bring high-quality products to the market that suit your target group.

TVH Design assisted Nohaca in the development of the High Seas sailing suit for bad weather

Proven track record


Since 2002 we have made a variety of Mode Tech Packs for companies and brands in the fashion, sports industry and the merchandise segment.
From fashionable clothing to functional sportswear to company clothing Incl. Special quality requirements!

Do not hesitate! A Tech Pack can strengthen your production in the following ways:


Accelerate the development of your fashion designs and clothing collection towards production, allowing you to respond faster to the market.

Price quotes + accountability

With a Tech Pack you provide producers around the world with a detailed technical instruction document. This guarantees an accurate quotation, so that your textile production starts and runs according to plan.

Save on cutting pattern costs

Offer suppliers clear technical advice that efficiently and accurately explains how your fashion design, sizing and materials should be produced. This allows you to reduce development costs and achieve greater returns from production.

Quality control

Avoid reconditioning after production and reduce the return rate of your products. With a Mode Tech Pack you produce better quality items and prevent loss of quality.


Avoid misunderstandings because all information is included in one document.

Peace of mind

Avoid production errors, because the production process is challenging enough! A Tech Pack offers peace of mind by presenting all essential details clearly and structured.

Discover More with Fashion Path Mode Consultancy!

In addition to Tech Packs, we offer extensive guidance in setting up your clothing line and developing unique, sustainable fashion. Let us be your guide to success in the fashion industry. Then take a look at Fashion Path Mode Consultancy, your guide to fashion success!

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Our Mode Tech Packs working method is as follows:

  • Our design department will contact you about delivery time and wishes.
  • We create online storage space for uploading your files.
  • After receiving your files, we will start working for you immediately.
  • For each Tech Pack you will receive advice and two rounds of adjustments.
  • Once approved, you will receive your Tech Pack in .PDF format.
From  288.00
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