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Fashion Path Fashion Consultancy: Expert Guidance for Sustainable Start-ups and Clothing Lines

Fashion Path fashion consultancy, a service from TVH Design, is the key to your success in the fashion industry. We guide entrepreneurs in creating unique, sustainable fashion and accessories, and building powerful brands.

Fashion Path - Your Guide to Fashion Success

Fashion Path acts as your reliable guide in the fashion world. We are here to guide, inspire and support you on your journey to building a thriving fashion business.

Our mission

At Fashion Path we believe in the power of innovation, sustainability and creating unique fashion that enhances people's individual expression. Our mission is simple: we want to be an inspiring and reliable guide for anyone who wants to make their mark in the fashion world.

Why Choose Fashion Path?

Expert guidance

Our experienced professionals share extensive knowledge and expertise of the fashion industry. At Fashion Path you not only get advice, but also a dedicated guide who understands your vision and helps you turn it into tangible results.

Personalized Approach

No two fashion companies are the same. At Fashion Path we understand your unique needs and offer a tailor-made approach that matches your goals and ambitions.

Result-oriented Thinking

We are only satisfied when you are successful. Our results-oriented approach ensures that every step we take is aimed at achieving measurable results for your fashion company.

Sustainability in Action

Fashion Path goes beyond advice; we put sustainability into action. Find out how we can support you in implementing sustainable practices, making your fashion business not only successful but also responsible.

Our Unique Approach / working method

Step 1: Discovery

  • 60Min Fashion Path Growth Discussion

60Min Fashion Path Growth Discussion – A valuable opportunity to define your goals, vision and brand identity. Together we understand what makes you unique and where you want to go. With our 28 years of experience in design, production, marketing and online sales, we are ready to help you grow.

Step 2: Strategy

  • Outcome / Analysis Growth Conversation

Based on your goals, we develop an ambitious but achievable strategy. We plan the steps to ensure your success.

Step 3: Implementation

Choose from our service packages:

  • StartUp Boost
  • Scale Up Strategy
  • Merchandising Mastery
  • Sustainable Impact

We translate strategy into action and guide you every step of the way, from design phase to product launch.

Step 4: Optimization

We continuously evaluate results and optimize our approach to ensure you continue to grow and prosper.

Fashion design agency TVH Design realized the design of a new Outdoor overall incl. fashion tech pack, size chart and production files for Nooksio Outdoor


Proven Tack Record

Since 2002, we have been advising and supporting a wide range of fashion startups and brands in the fashion, sports and merchandise industries. Our dedication to the success of our clients has led to extensive experience in guiding various companies within the fashion industry.

Choose Your Path, Create Your Success

At Fashion Path, success starts with a Fashion Path Growth Conversation. Discover which package suits your company best. Together we build the future of your fashion company.

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