Fashion Tech Pack

Improve your pricing, quality, production speed of fashion designs with a Fashion Tech Pack!

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Fashion design agency TVH Design realized for Nooksio Outdoor the design of a new Outdoor overall including fashion tech pack, size chart and production files.

What is a Fashion Tech Pack?

A Fashion Tech Pack is an instructional document created by a clothing designer to clarify the fashion design to the manufacturer. It contains all the components and production instructions a textile manufacturer needs to turn your fashion design into a finished garment. A Fashion Tech Pack includes all materials, prints, pattern all-overs, sizing charts, haberdashery, seams, colorways, measurements, trim, labels etc.

Make products, better, faster, smarter by using a Fashion Tech Pack

Fashion design agency TVH Design realised the design of 120 parts of the Maternity Collection for fashion brand Noppies Maternity, from the model to the prints.

From fashion design to quality textile production

It is often a bitter disappointment when you receive clothing samples or worse, actual production that does not match the product, collection idea you had in your mind? When you put passion and money in developing a product or e.g. a clothing collection it can be incredibly frustrating when things go wrong in the communication with the manufacturer!

Our advice is to use a Fashion Tech Pack.

We translate the product idea into a Fashion Tech Pack. In other words an instruction document with the right technical drawings, specifications so the textile manufacturer understands you!

When do you need a Fashion Tech Pack?

You don't always need a Mode Tech Pack, but there are times when they are absolutely necessary. If you have decided to have your fashion designs sampled and manufactured abroad, you would do well to have a professional Fashion Tech Pack.

What do we need from you?

All we need from you to get started are some rough sketches of the fashion design. The fashion fabrics you use or want to use and a sample of your product.

TVH Design helps you from its experience (24 years) in streamlining the learning curve regarding fashion design and textile production so that you can market qualitative products aimed at your target group.

So don't hesitate a Tech Pack can enhance your production in the following ways!


Accelerate the development of your fashion designs and clothing collection towards production and increase the speed to market.


Price quotations + justification

With a Tech Pack, you provide producers all over the world with a well-described technical instruction document. This assures you of an accurate quotation so your textile production will start and run according to plan!

Save on cutting pattern costs

Clear technical advice, efficiently and accurately explained to suppliers on how your fashion design, sizing, materials should be produced. As a result you reduce development costs and get more return from production!

Quality control

Prevent reconditioning after production and create a lower return percentage of your products. With a Fashion Tech Pack you produce better quality products and prevent quality loss.


Prevent misunderstandings by having one document that contains all the information.

Peace of mind

Avoid production errors, because the production process is already difficult enough!

TVH Design has an extensive experience (24 yrs) in making Tech Packs, quality control or editing technical drawings and sizing charts with extensive knowledge of all three of Tech Pack. We like to help you from clothing sample to production!

Why TVH Design?

We provide professional, well developed Fashion Tech Packs to our clients. Made based on our years of experience and expert technical design advice.

Are you looking for an effective service? We would like to help you make a choice regarding the type of Mode Tech Pack you need.

Proven track record


Since 2002 we have produced a variety of Fashion Tech Packs for companies and brands in the fashion, sports and merchandise sectors.
From fashionable clothing to functional sportswear to corporate clothing Incl. special quality requirements!

Our techpacks are foreign-ready and designed to be understood by factory personnel who don't necessarily speak the same language as you.
Our Fashion Tech Packs process is as follows:
  • Our design department will contact you about delivery time and wishes!
  • We create online storage space for uploading your files.
  • After receiving your files we will start working for you immediately.
  • For each Tech Pack, you will receive advice and two rounds of adjustments.
  • After approval you will receive your Tech Pack in .PDF (High Res & Low Res)
Avoid expensive mistakes, choose a Fashion Tech Pack!

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