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A Strong Boost for Your Existing Clothing Brand! We Are Your Partner!

Optimizing your clothing line for existing brands and businesses not only takes effort, but with the right strategy and planning, there are cost-effective ways to successfully market your products without breaking your budget.

At TVH Design we understand the specific challenges that established brands face, and we are ready to guide you through the entire process, from design and production to delivery. We work closely with you to ensure the relevance and innovation of your clothing line.

Our Practical Approach in Fashion Design from Concept to Completion

At TVH Design we take a practical approach from concept to completion. Our creative design department is always ready to support you during every step of the process. Whether you have specific design questions or just need some help designing or improving your products, our creative team is on standby to assist you.

TVH Design assisted Nohaca in the development of the High Seas sailing suit for bad weather

TVH Design has previously collaborated with Nohaca in the development of the High Seas sailing suit for bad weather.

Experience and Expertise for Your Success

With 28 years of experience in the industry, we help you overcome the challenges related to fashion design and textile production. We guarantee that you will develop high-quality products that perfectly suit your target group. Our dedicated team strives to make your vision a reality, from brainstorming sessions to design phases and textile production. We guide you at every level.

Creative Solutions for Your Brand

At TVH Design we go further than just fashion and graphic design. We offer customer-centric solutions such as Tech Pack design services to improve purchasing and retail prices, ensure quality and quantity, and optimize the delivery of apparel and accessories. Our creative and innovative design team is ready, whether it concerns digital designs, physical prototypes or a combination of both.

At TVH Design we know no boundaries when it comes to real creativity.

Support from Design to Delivery

No matter the size of your brand, every design choice and clothing collection requires careful planning. We offer fashion design support on demand, helping you every step of the process. Whether you are setting up a starting clothing label or are a seasoned professional, at TVH Design we ensure that your vision becomes reality.

Want to start your own clothing line? We Are Your Partner!

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Our Services include:

Contact us today and discover how TVH Design can bring your clothing line to life while ensuring its viability. We are your reliable partner in the world of fashion design and textile production.

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  • Logo and corporate identity design
  • Clothing design
  • print design
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  • Merchandise design
  • Accessories, bags design
  • Labeling design
  • Packaging design
  • Fabric sourcing
  • Haberdashery sourcing
  • Labeling
  • Size chart design
  • Technical drawings
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  • Screen printing preparation
  • Sublimation printing preparation
  • Sampling and control
Textile production
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